Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Kenzie and her navigator, Brendan reporting live from Great Harbor, Peter Island. Today was a very exciting day. It began with us waking up to Fourth of July tunes. We had a nice breakfast of the usual oatmeal and cereal underway to Tortola to rendezvous with VISAR or more specifically the people who participated in the simulation yesterday. At their headquarters, we first had a discussion with the volunteers about their brave work. Then we tidied up their facility which took up most of our day. We rid the landscape of all the weeds and redistributed the gravel, which they push towards the edge when they rush to the rescue. Also we dredged the approach to their dinghy garage, so their super-fast dinghy could get in and out safely. Lunch was the usual deli sandwiches on land. After we completed our work, we got to shower in the Sunsail Marina shower house. We had a great breakfast for dinner and we are having a relaxing evening. We wish y’all a happy Fourth of July! Hugs and kisses :*

  Kenzie M