Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we all bought snacks before we set sail for the first time. Mike, the director, gave a funny speech and told us about some of the islands. We all learned the ropes of the ship and setting anchors. Our shipmates all found out the importance of applying sunscreen on an hourly basis. I learned how to pilot the ship. We started by motoring away from West End, Tortola. We were first going directly into the wind and then started to raise the sail. We did this because then we were able to sail, under wind power, into The Bight at Norman Island. When we finished anchoring, we took our swimming test, as we were about to go snorkel around some caves, around the corner from The Bight. We saw some brightly colored fish, spiny sea urchins, mysterious caves, small crabs and an onion. Yeah, someone must have thrown a whole onion into the water. After that, we saw a huge turtle on our way back to the boat and then took ocean showers. We then played card games while dinner was being prepared. After dinner, there was a conversation led by Elliot about the background of Lifeworks and some information about some of the projects that will be a part of our schedule for the next three weeks.