Location: La Carpio & Guacima Inn

After a difficult wake up at 8 o’clock due to a long trip the day before, we had our first breakfast together. When Xavier finally ate all his scrambled eggs mixed with ketchup, we moved on to the city La Carpio with our minibus. There we met Gail, who is the woman who has run this program for several years. She made a speech to us about her life, her contribution to this city and her point of view about the notion of development in Costa Rica. Then we visited the less poor part of the town, following Gail from house to house, talking to the residents and giving a stuffed white tiger to a little girl.

Moreover, we learned that there are just a few policemen for almost 25000 citizens. During this little walk in La Carpio, we went into the house, which we are going to build tomorrow “manana.” After that, we had lunch with Gail, in the association’s house: eating typical food like rice, vegetables, and tortillas. We returned to the hotel to chill: enjoying the swimming pool, playing soccer and talking to each other before watching a very interesting movie about El Salvador’s refugees called “Voces Inocentes.” This well-made movie shows us the life of a little boy trying to survive and fighting against the persecution during the war the last century. Finally, to end this day, we had dinner, talking about the activities, the movie, before we all go to bed due to our exhaustion.