Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Hello from Norman Island! The crew had a very busy first full day together. Having twelve students on board, sleeping arrangements can get pretty crowded- so, we have the option of sleeping where ever we like. The favorite of the first night seemed to be hammocks aboard the boat looking up at the stars and the net at the front of the boat. We had an early awakening this morning for breakfast, orientation and preparing to set sail. Mike, the director of the program, had the “dock talk” with us, explaining expectations, safety precautions and life on the boats. Kes Kat, our boat, was one of the last to set sail and we made it safe and sound to Norman Island. Once docked in Norman Island, we snorkeled through the caves on the west side of the island and learned the history of them. Pirates would hide their ships in the caves and hike to the top of one of the mountains to watch for merchant ships headed their way. Once they spotted a merchant ship, they would intercept them, and rob them of their goods. In the 1970s, pirate gold deblooms were found in one of the caves. The crew also took their first saltwater shower which was a fun time. Salt water showers are when we jump into the water then climb back onto the boat, shampoo and condition your hair, then jump back into the water to wash it all out. I promise that they are a lot better than they seem. So far, the experience is amazing, and the scenery is gorgeous.