Location: West End, Tortola

Today was a day filled with the sound and smells of cleaning and goodbyes. We started the day early with our final hike up Spyglass Hill at 6:00. On the way up we were all asked to find a rock that was appealing to us and one that we thought was ugly or unappealing. The rocks were supposed to symbolize a trait about ourselves that we wanted to take home and a trait that we wanted to leave behind. Upon reaching the summit we all shared what we liked about our rocks and what each rock stood for, and then threw our ugly rock down the mountain. After sharing, we reviewed our piece of paper on which we had written our goals on the third day, and we decided if we had fulfilled them or not. Feeling satisfied with ourselves, we all ventured down the hill and returned to our vessels.

Upon returning to our boats, we all started cleaning our cabins and tried to get a head start on washing the deck. After a short motor, we docked at West End, Tortola and started the serious cleaning. We all split up into groups, and some of us worked on the deck while others cleaned the cockpit, lagoon, and personal cabins. After two hours of cleaning and scrubbing down all the surfaces we all put down our brushes, buckets, and bleach and ventured onto the dock for shore time. When all the boats had finished cleaning, and everyone had gotten to go on shore, we all congregated on two boats and listened to a goodbye speech by all the leaders of the different programs. When the speech was concluded, we hugged and said our goodbyes and finally realized that today was the last time we would all be together.