Location: Lee Bay, Great Camanoe

Today we woke up at 7:00 am and had French Toast and green Gatorade for breakfast. I was the skipper today, which means I got to sail the boat to Trellis Bay where we drove to Hodges Creek to monitor mangroves. Sailing was pretty fun with Elliot who kept talking in a funny voice, ordering people to do this and that. When we got to Trellis Bay, all the locals said either “Hi” or “Good Morning,” which was nice of them. When we got to the mangrove site, Elliot gave us a quick lecture about the history of the site and the mangroves. We picked up trash at the site and took a sample of a few mangroves and recorded some data. Also, we got to plant a few mangroves! After we were done with the mangroves, we had macaroni and cheese for lunch and started to sail to Mountain Point. Elliot taught me how to sail more efficiently and what the controls of the boat do. It probably took us an hour and a half of sailing to get there. When we reached Mountain Point we went snorkeling for a while and mostly saw moon jellyfish, there were a lot of them. We took a quick shower when we came back and started to prepare dinner! For dinner, we had pasta again along with cheesy biscuits and salad. Before we had dinner, we gathered around to do the daily squeeze where I asked everyone “What is their favorite sci-fi/fantasy movie?” After dinner, Elliot talked to us about turtle tagging, which we are going to do tomorrow. We went to bed after a long yet fun day!