Location: Anegada

Everyone woke up this morning still slightly taxed from last night’s beach party, but after a quick sail over to Leverick Bay and a bit of shore time, we were all fully recovered and ready for the long haul to Anegada. After a three hour cruise over to Anegada, we all hopped off the boat ready for a trash hunt along the North Shore of the beautiful beaches of Anegada. With a checklist gauged towards finding all seven types of plastic, we set off down the coast in three separate groups. After scouring the beaches for every type of trash imaginable, we all met back up and compared what we had found. My favorite find was Jules’ still functioning water gun. We were also able to find several turtle tracks, giving everyone very high hopes for the rodeo-style turtling we will be doing tomorrow. Overall, today was awesome and tomorrow can only get better.