Location: Marina Cay

Today we said goodbye to the island of Anegada. The morning began with a long sail towards the northern islands above Virgin Gorda. Most of the sail was used to catch an extra hour or two of sleep. Our destination was Mosquito Island; an island owned by Sir Richard Branson. Once anchored close to the island, we judged the trash we found in our scavenger hunt two days ago and competed for who found the best stuff. Then Beezie gave us a lesson on lionfish and their effects on the Caribbean ecosystems. We learned about how lionfish are an invasive species and have no natural predators in the Caribbean and destroy fish populations. After the talk, we went snorkeling in an attempt to find some lionfish in the area. Unfortunately, none were found. Despite being unable to find lionfish, spirits remained high after a great time snorkeling. Afterward, we sailed back to the Marina Cay next to Tortola. Here we anchored to meet with the rest of ActionQuest for a group-wide forum. Despite the short itinerary, the day can be considered a great success. Just like every day: I am extremely excited about what new adventures await us.