Location: Dharamsala

Today we woke up at 8:00 am and walked up the 291 steps to Dharamshala. After breakfast at Common Ground, I meet up with my mutual learning partner, Dechen. Dechen and I walked 45 minutes to a waterfall. While we were at the waterfall, we went over some vocabulary, and she talked about life as a Tibetan refugee. After my session with Dechen, Julia, Alli and I went to the local daycare to take care of the babies and toddlers for 5 hours. After the daycare Alli, Julia and I did a little shopping around town. Then we all meet up to watch a documentary at a local movie theater called Murder in the Snow, which was about the struggles of Tibetans trying to escape from Tibet under China’s control. After the movie, we all had a classic Indian dinner and talked about how the movie we just all saw showed the struggles that our learning partners had to go through to escape Tibet. After dinner we walked back down the 291 steps to the monastery, to get really for another exciting day in Dharamshala tomorrow.