Location: Airlie Beach Marina

We woke up bright and early at 6 am having to get our bags all packed and ready to leave the hostel in Sydney. Once we got all of our bags down from our rooms, we walked to a terrific scenic view. At the view, we got a good look at the ocean with the waves crashing into the rocks and the sunrise. After sunrise, we took a shuttle to the airport and got on our plane for Brisbane. In Brisbane, we were finally able to get another meat pie! It was delicious! After eating our meat pies, we got on the plane to go to Proserpine. Throughout the flight, we were given the task of asking the person we were sitting by their perception of America. We got interesting perspectives on how people in Australia view America and what they think about us. It took about two hours to land by plane, and the chocolate made up for the long airtime. Once we arrived, we were taken by bus to the Marina Park, but first, we got to see a coffee plantation on the way by bus. When we got to the Marina, we met our new friends, Frenchie and Dutchie. They both had interesting perspectives on the world and were very interesting. We are all excited to spend the next few days with them on the sailboat and in our search for Nemo and Dory. At dinner, we had an interesting discussion about why Alexa doesn’t like meat pies. We are very excited for days ahead on the sailing vessel and exploring the Whitsunday Islands. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us for a few days! We’ll be enjoying life on-board disconnected!