Location: Uvita

We started the day by making our sandwiches for lunch because we would be at the beach all day. After my daily smoothie, I made peanut butter and jelly sandwich as well as a turkey and cheese sandwich. After we loaded all our luggage onto the bus to prepare for our next hotel, we walked about 5 minutes until we met our guide. We were surprised how knowledgeable Ricardo was about the rainforest, even knowing a ton of different animal calls he could make, simply with his mouth. He had the answer to all of our questions and was able to spot sloths, spiders, ants, grasshoppers, monkeys, and iguanas from the walls of trees along the path. He was even able to hear the faint sound of a toucan from over a mile away.

After our journey through the rainforest, we arrived at the beach. We settled under a tree which turned out to be known as the “tree of death” because the sap burns your skin off. Thankfully we realized this, so we moved to a safer location, or so we thought. After swimming in the warm ocean, we came back to monkeys in our bag stealing our sandwiches. Only one was taken, but it was an experience to remember. As the waves pulled back into the ocean, the beach was lined with seashells in all different colors and shapes. Under the sand were sand dollars, which were the highlight creatures of the waters until Kiki got stung by a jellyfish. After a quick and routine photo shoot, we headed back to the hotel where we got on the bus to go to Uvita. We ate dinner at the restaurant at the hotel, which was the highlight of the hotel in my opinion, aside from the unique pool.