Location: Dharamsala

Today started the same day as the last few days, our group woke up at 8:00 and left for breakfast at 8:30. This morning was beautiful and sunny, which made the 300 steps seem a little bit less miserable. After breakfast at Common Ground, we met up with our Mutual Learning partners. First, my partner and I went to a cafe with another pair of learning partners. I drank ginger honey lemon tea and read poetry with my partner. She read the poem and then I would teach her the words she did not understand. We also asked each other riddles, which was a fun way to teach English. After the cafe, my partner took me to exchange dollars for rupees, and we looked around at some stores around the town.

For lunch, the group met up at Common Ground. We ate Momos and noodles. All of the food was delicious, and we even got almond toffee for a lunchtime dessert. After lunch, the group was planning on splitting in half, with some people going to TCV School and the other going to care for babies with a different organization. Because of possible rain though, the entire group ended up at the TCV School. We spent most of our time there playing games with the students. Some of these games were a hangman, telephone, red-light green-light, and tag. Towards the end of the time with the students, it started raining, and all of us ended up inside and playing together. Today was our last day at the TCV School so when it was time to leave, all of the students were hugging us goodbye.

The last thing we did was have a pizza and movie night. We watched 7 Years in Tibet and ate pizza. We did not get to finish the movie though, because the power at the monastery kept going out. The part of the movie that we got to watch was really interesting, and I’m excited to finish it tomorrow night.  As I’m writing this blog, the power is once again out, and I hope that it comes back on soon.