Location: Cuzco

This morning we got up bright and early and ate breakfast at the hostel before heading to Santa Teresa. We helped feed the residents and played some futbol with our new friends at the group home. Before leaving, most of us purchased bracelets from a man who also lives at the home, to support him and to get some cool souvenirs. We ate a traditional Peruvian lunch and then headed to Saxsaywaman for a walking tour with William and Ruben. We learned some cool stuff about the ancient Incan temple as well as the difference between alpacas and llamas. After the short hike, we hopped on the bus, listened to some Latin tunes, and shortly after we arrived for a horseback riding excursion. We took a ride and saw some amazing views! The way down was a bit more problematic. Brandon’s horse got a little aggressive- although nobody was injured, we got a good laugh. We came back to Selina (our hostel) before dinner and got into some heated games of pool. Dinner was at a vegan restaurant downtown and we also got a good look at some Peruvian clothing. On the way back, Anna and I gave our leftover food to some people on the street and that was the highlight of my day. Overall, today was long but good. We bonded, we had some Inca Cola, and Jose taught us some Espanol. Can’t wait for the rest of the session!