Location: old yet beautiful

Ring…Ring…Ring…as the early morning wake up call does its job. 6 o-clock in fact, it was an early morning indeed as everybody goes through their morning habits and goes downstairs to eat chow. Members of the group shoveled their last bites of breakfast in their mouths and walked to the lobby couches to wait for the 7 o’clock bus to roll in. Today was going to be a interesting and historical day. Where was the double-decker bus going you ask? It was going to the old capital of Thailand. Still no clue? Ok. Well, I’ll tell you, it was going to Ayutthaya. The bus made its first stop at Watphra Si Sampat Temple. The group walked through the gates into a historical, beautiful landmark.

We walked to the first temple and took off our shoes as we walked on the sacred ground. Their were intricate statues of monks and Buddha and lots of people praying for it was the right of the rainy season and this was a very religious holiday. Thai people took a flower, a candle and incense got on the ground and did a sort of bow before they prayed. After I watched this, I went to one more temple and got on the bus to continue my journey. The next destination was the Ancient Ruins. The ruins were very old and under restoration. The great attraction was the great golden statue of Buddha. This shiny piece of art had many Thai people bowing and praising it. The group explored the ruins and took group pictures by some of the kings tombs.

Next, we went to the famous floating market, a giant place full of bartering and purchases. It was a hot day, but a great one we walked around from store to store, looking and purchasing several Thai items. It was getting close to the time we needed to be back on the bus, so we made our way back across the 30 acre monstrosity. As we got on the bus the cool air conditioning hit our bodies. Satisfied, it was a great bus ride back to the hotel. The bus ride consisted of sleeping and a very fun rapping game that was a great way to pass the time. When we got back everyone was ready for a little rest, so we got free time and a nice shower before dinner, which was custom made burritos and tacos. After our bellies were full we walked back to the hotel and did our nightly squeeze and a little game of mafia, another fun game that made its way into this trip. If i could give this day a grade I would give it an A+. All and all this day was great, it had history, which our tour guide educated us on. A market showed both culture and various items that many people acquired. A very memorable bus ride that was one of the highs so far in my memory of this trip. the free time needed to go on for the night, and the great squeeze and game session before a great night’s rest well earned. P.S. love you mom, having a great time, hope you read this, hope your doing well.