Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

It’s only day 4, and it feels like we’ve been here a lot longer, thank goodness that we got to sleep in an extra half an hour. After breakfast and sun screening-up we headed over to the picturesque beach on Savannah Bay. We took a five-minute hike up across the island, that looks like a mountain covered around water, and then back down, to another beach that filled with boulders. To anyone, this is just a beach with boulders, no sand, and big Caribbean waves crashing against it, but looks can be deceiving. All of us, along with four Action Questers were told to spread out along this small beach, at least an arm’s length apart, sit and move the rocks to collect pieces of plastic. To most of our surprise, we collected a large amount of plastic just where we were sitting. On this trip, we have been learning about the impacts and concerns that have occurred in the world with plastics and water. Such as, of each bottle cap that ends up on the beach there is a bottle on the sea bed. The group saw first hand an impact that affects all, due to plastics. We then hiked back to the soft sanded beach, where we had a lovely swim, playing Marco Polo and relaxing. In the afternoon we turned on the motor and enjoyed the calming winds to the baths. This site made by mother nature herself and adored by everyone that comes across it has large granite boulders, possibly two stories high. We split up in groups to explore the caves where the huge boulders come together. In an hour we all met on the other side to climb rocks and jump into the be-a-u-ti-ful sparking water. For dinner Mike (he is in charge of ActionQuest) came to join us, and after we played a game with postcards with black and white photos that Mike collected. This night activity calmed us all down; we chose three cards that we thought represented something we are proud of, something we are not proud of and what good friendship means. We had a long, exciting day where we all learned something about each other and the world we live in, so it’s time to look forward to our next days together and go to sleep.