Location: Quito

This morning we woke up to a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs at 8:00. Some of us woke up early, and others made it just in time. After we wolfed down our food, we went outside and got to know each other better. We took a scenic bus ride up into Quito, and after a few hours of group activities and orientation, we were off on our city tour. We went to the top of a huge cathedral, walked around the streets of Quito, and finally went to the market. Although there was some traffic getting home, we all passed the time by singing along to our favorite songs and teaching each other Spanish. After getting back to the hostel, we went through our low and high points of the day. We all laughed at the mention of how cold and windy the cathedral was and how the locals were friendly enough to play soccer and take pictures with us. All in all, it was an amazing first day, and none of us can wait until our next adventure (The Amazon!).