Location: BangkokAs we walked into the DPF for the last time

Author: Samantha L. Location: Bangkok

As we walked into the DPF for the last time, we were led upstairs to do an evaluation overall six projects we took part in. We all went on about the amazing experiences and people we met, and all the suggestions we gave were about spending more time with all the kids in the foundation. After finishing off receiving certificates of merit and some presents, we went straight to the farewell party. Of course, we were fed like royalty and were entertained with some live performances of singing and dancing by the Thai teenagers. One of the dances was performed by our very own, Title and TJ. They both have been with us through it all here in Thailand and in the end became part of the lifeworks group. The night came to an end after having a typical dance party and saying our farewells to all the teens and staff. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that the DPF has truly made an impact on our lives and is for sure a place we would all want to come back to visit sometime again. Our farewells were not goodbye forever, just a see you later.