Location: Cuzco to Lima

We (Anna, Daniel, and Bridget) left you all at the airport today, to board your planes, back from whence you came.

Our last days together were a whirlwind of early mornings, stories, tickets, laughter, tearful goodbyes, and dessert buffet (HOLA!).

You are amazing and wonderful people, and we are incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be your leaders over the last three weeks. I loved the laughter, insights, energy, questions, zingers, perceptions, songs, smiles, and appreciations you brought to our journey as a trip family. Your enthusiasm energized me, your vulnerability touched me, and your songs invigorated me. Your changing perceptions and curiosity about the world challenged me – sometimes stopping me in my tracks! But most of all, it was your empowerment and your quest to fight social injustices that infused me with hope for our collective future.

Thank you, all of you.

“Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare; But if you seek safety, it is on the shore.” – Saadi of Shiraz