Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Hello everyone!

Today, we started in Savannah Bay. We had a slow morning, which we all appreciated due to our hard work yesterday in Spanish Town. Edie and Samira were chefs today. They both cooked around 50 pieces of French toast! Which did not disappoint. Today, we had a big community service project. We did a beach pickup from around 9 am-12 pm. The group worked extremely hard on a massive piece of fisher net. It must’ve been there for years, and it was not easy. Will, Rishi, and Aditya brought out the machete, and almost all pulled their backs. Once we separated the massive piles of the net into around eight double-duty trash bags, we had to carry them up the mountain and then back down into the dinghy (all eight bags broke). Manola and I ended up carrying everyone’s water bottles and more all the way back to the boat, and then we had to come all the way back up to help with the trash bags! By the end of the project, we all felt like we had been deserted on that island for days and just got rescued! We all jumped into the water, and it felt amazing!

The water on this beach was crystal clear, and the island had white sand and beautiful trees. Once we made it back to the boat, we swam, and the chefs cooked us lunch. We all took a Hibiclens shower and restocked on water. Luckily, we had an opportunity to get some fun drinks at a local grocery store, and all restock on snacks! Tonight, all of the fleets got together for our first barbecue. We had a variety of drinks and food. We danced to music and had fun competitions. Will won best dancer! The night eventually settled down, and we all came back to our boat. We turned in our laundry, and all got new sleep sacks. We ended the night reading on the bow, laughing about today’s memories, and looking forward to the ones we are going to create tomorrow!