Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today started with an early wakeup call to begin sailing to Jost Van Dyke, another island that we had not yet been to. After sailing for a few hours and having breakfast while underway, we piled into the dinghy to go to land. We visited Foxy’s, one of the world’s most infamous bars, where we met up with the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society. After being introduced to Susan, the head of the after-school program, we met the 12 students who were going to board our boat and come sailing with us during the day. Before that could happen, we took a quick tour around the island, visiting the local primary school and having some delicious mangoes straight off of a tree. We then spent a little time in a classroom with the students learning about observing different seabirds. After a little while, we journeyed back to the boat and started sailing to Great Tobago, a tiny uninhabited island. During the sail, we hung out with the students and looked at different birds. Once we reached the island and anchored in a pretty tricky area, we went to the tiny beach on the island for some relaxing. We then headed back with the students to Jost Van Dyke, finally saying goodbye to them before receiving some shore time to explore the area. After heading back to the boat, we took freshwater showers while motoring back to Tortola. Here, we attached to a mooring ball and had a delicious dinner of chicken stir fry. After a fun-filled yet exhausting day, everyone was quick to head off to bed, as we know that we have another busy day tomorrow!