Location: Marina Cay

Today, we woke up to Kris’ motivational music, which I decided to ignore until I was told I was today’s skipper and had to wake everyone up. Once I did that, we quickly ate cereal and sailed to our next destination… Mountain Point. A few of us sat in the power tower and watched Riley sail while taking in the view.

Once we arrived at Mountain Point, we split up into two groups to go do water sports! We wakeboarded, waterskied, and knee-boarded, which was very entertaining, especially when watching people face plant. I personally wakeboarded and was very thankful I had done it before so that I didn’t embarrass myself too badly.

When we came back, we did a quick clean of the deck and sailed to our last destination of the day, Marina Cay. It was about a two-hour sail, and almost everyone took a nap, except I was woken up by the hot sun, so I took the executive decision to move into the shade.

We took quick saltwater showers and then ate a delicious thanksgiving dinner- shoutout to Aly and Halle- and are currently about to listen to a tape before going to bed early for tomorrow’s big project.