Location: Equador & Galapagos

Welcome to the Lifeworks Galapagos & Ecuador blogs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

James Purcell – After graduating with degrees in International Business and Spanish, James spent the next few years volunteering and exploring his way through South and Central America, the U.S., and Spain. These experiences sparked passions in international education, experiential learning, food security, and sustainable agriculture. He now combines these passions with his interest in video production, working with non-profit organizations to share their stories. He’s a flexible vegetarian, aspiring polyglot, environmentalist and avid adventurer who loves music, travel, hammocks and raw honey.

Ivy Marr – Ivy grew up in Vermont and spent her childhood dreaming of being a world explorer. She studied chemistry at Cornell University and then went on to get master’s degrees in marine biology and education. After college, Ivy discovered her love of international travel. She’s volunteered on sea turtle projects in Greece, and Costa Rica studied coral reefs in French Polynesia, visited ancient cities in Europe, and taught chemistry in England. In 2013, she worked for Seamester, teaching oceanography and sailing Ocean Star through the Caribbean. Ivy’s hobbies include hiking long distances and studying epidemiology.