Location: Equador & Galapagos


Below is our anticipated schedule of activities. On days marked with a *, the group will have limited access to phone and internet. While we understand families are eager for news, we ask for patience as our staffs energy is focused on the students and the program at hand. Please do not call our office regarding these blogs, as the office does not control the postings or the content of the updates. Thanks very much for your understanding!

Day 1 (July 8) Fly day; Student orientationDay 2 (July 9) Morning group building activities; Afternoon tour of Quito historical district* Day 3 to 7 (July 10 to 14) Amazon excursion including sightseeing, nature study, and community service work with the Sumak Allpa projectDay 8 (July 15) Departure from Amazon; Student rest/downtime and packing for the Galapagos IslandsDay 9 (July 16) Transfer to the Galapagos; Galapagos city tourDay 10 to 15 (July 17 to 22) Community service project days with the Galapagos National Park Service; Galapagos day trips including Plazas and Santa Fe islandsDay 16 (July 23) – Transfer from the Galapagos to Quito; Scenic drive through the Andes mountainsDay 17 to 19 (July 24 to 26) Andes Mountains excursion including hiking, horseback riding, ziplining, traditional market visit, and community service projects in constructionDay 20 (July 27) Transfer to Quito; Lifeworks closing program and final dinnerDay 21 (July 28) Fly day