Location: Bangkok

Today, we rose sluggishly after spending way too long in airports and on planes yesterday. The tiredness soon left, as soon as the widely varied and tasty breakfast choices were discovered and consumed. There were the standard eggs and toast and everything, and then there was sushi, bread pudding, some rice dish and at least 20 other things I have no idea how to describe. Afterward, we had our first real group meeting, learned everyone’s names, went over the fundamentals of this trip, then boarded some buses to go to a kindergarten relatively nearby. We were greeted by a traditional dance they had prepared for us, and then things got interesting. The kindergartners started challenging us to what amounted to a dance-off. It turns out kids that are maybe a third of our age are really, really, really good dancers both to traditional Thai music, as well as Gangnam Style. If they had started break dancing, it would not have been surprising. After playing with the kids, we handed out some toys to them, and then they left, and the hard work began. We were building and painting what was essentially a fence around their little playground, which didn’t sound difficult at first. Hundreds of bent and discarded nails later, with everyone sweating in the humid weather and some splattered in bright green paint, and personally with three well-smashed fingers, we finished for the day. We devoured an overdue lunch of great pad-Thai, then took the buses back to the hotel for some rest, and now its time for dinner. Today was long but a ton of fun!