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Welcome to the GoBeyond China trip logs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

BRITTA GOLDMANN – Britta grew up hiking and swimming in the natural beauty that is Northern California. Her love for traveling and understanding new cultures and languages was sparked as a teenager while building houses in Mexico and as a high school exchange student. Britta studied Cultural Anthropology and Fine Arts and has been teaching high school Spanish for the last ten years. She currently lives in Brazil and when not fishing on her boat, enjoys meeting new people, dancing, playing capoeira and painting.

MANUEL OLVERA INIESTA – Manuel was born and raised in Mexico City, where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. After 10 years of experience and training in Chinese martial arts, he followed his passion and ventured to China to learn more. While in China, he also studied the language and traditional Chinese medicine. For the past six years, Manuel participated in many cultural exchange and volunteering programs in China, including multiple leadership roles. Before joining the GoBeyond team, Manuel facilitated several experiential education programs for The Jump! Foundation in China and Southeast Asia. During the rest of the year, Manuel currently works as a hiking and camping guide to the un-renovated sections of the Great Wall of China.

LI WEIHUA (Joy) – Joy was born in northern China, not far from Beijing.  She majored in English Education and has worked for China Little Flower since 2013. Currently, Joy focuses on the Dew Drops project, where she is a member of the development team. She loves to serve kids and appreciates the liveliness and love they bring into her life. Joy has been working with GoBeyond China programs since 2015. She loves to be with the students too and enjoys sharing the journey with them to China.