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Welcome to the GoBeyond Peru trip logs! Below is a little bit about the staff that will be leading this summer. Enjoy!

MECA SANCHEZ VARGAS – Meca was born in Lima, but now lives in the magical city of Cusco. She is a fashion and interior designer that loves to travel around the world, seeking new adventures and new things to see. She also loves yoga, running and exercising. When not with GoBeyond, Meca works for different NGO’s where volunteering and guiding students is a big part of her life. She also loves eating, trying new things, trekking, meeting new people, and making new friends! She looks forward to working with GoBeyond students to help her local community.

EVAN SAWAN – Evan has been traveling the world since the age of 10 and joined ActionQuest as a shipmate for two sessions in the British Virgin Islands and Thailand. After coming back as a Scuba Instructor and staff member, he achieved his Emergency First Responder Instructor and IYT Flotilla Skipper certifications. He has a Bachelors in Marine Affairs with minors in Business Administration and Modern Languages (Spanish and French).

MARIANA REYES MAYET – Mariana hails from Mexico City, but now lives in Guadalajara. She’s been a preschool teacher for 13 years and loves to volunteer. She started in 2011 with Operation Smile in Chiapas, where she was surrounded by great people who – like her – were just there to help someone in need. After her first stint with Operation Smile – seeing the little ones smile and being so grateful – she realized how lucky she is. Now, she always seeks to share herself and her time with others. To Mariana, the most satisfactory experience anyone can have is helping and giving.