Location: Beijing

Last day in China. Sad stuff. Our day began at Little Flower. We spent our last three hours with the babies and toddlers. We all hugged and cuddled with our favorite children and played around with them. The children had a nice time and we all got to say goodbyes to the children. Since the kids were so young the goodbyes were very one sided but the effect was still there. All of us were bummed out on the way back to the apartment. Quesadillas awaited us at the apartment and we enjoyed our last lunch all together. Then the group home kids arrived, what a mess. There were about 25 kids with our eight-person group quite hectic but as always great fun. A few of us were outside playing Frisbee, jumping rope or drawing with chalk. Others were indoors playing cards and completing coloring books. The goodbyes with these kids was a bit more difficult. That was our last act of service on our China trip. We then had one of our two closing forums and started writing our cards for three hours; some people made a lot of progress, others did not, myself included. Then we had dinner at a Peking Duck restaurant minus the duck. We then returned to the apartment and each one of us put on some type of performance for the group saying goodbye or reminiscing about our trip. After our performances we all continued writing and said a sad goodbye to Mary because she has an early flight. Now we are all finishing up packing because we are all flying back to our comfort zones tomorrow.