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Location: Datong to Taiyuan

A long time ago in the land far away, Lifework’s Program group of crazy teenagers explored different parts of China- Taiyuan

A sudden sound of a ringing phone awaken me and my roommate Stephanie in our cozy beds in hotel room. Standing up early morning is not a pleasure for anyone, it is like a battle , a struggle between your enemy, but we survived, we had the victory.

Our next adventure began at 8 o’clock. We arrived to Hanging Monastery . Those massive mountains were breathtaking , the view was just stunning. A fortunately we could not climb to see more beautiful views because the heavy rain caused few damages and it was under the reconstruction.

Our next stop was orphanage. It was very quiet inside the building, no sound of a fly was even heard. It was so quiet that you could hear your own heart beat. On 4thfloor which was owned by China Little Flower we ate our lunch which was noodles. After the lunch we get to see the older kids and the toddlers in orphanage. Seeing those smiling faces made everyone happy.

After the orphanage we went to a restaurant where there we get to see a small noodle show and waitresses dancing. We decided to do a flash mob. Everyone enjoyed our singing and dancing. At the end we took few pictures with waitresses.

Our last destination was hotel. After all that amazing adventures we all went to our cozy beds.