Location: La Caepio, Piedades

Day 11

This morning, we woke up with our host families and got ready to meet at the hub by 9. We then went down to revisit La Carpio. Instead of helping out at the education center, we went to a different area. We needed three volunteers to miss out on making cement and Hannah, Kathryn, and Lucy graciously volunteered. I could tell they were bummed about it. After the fun times with the cement making, all of us got to hang out with the kids in the library. The kids were interested in our bracelets and loved to ask us if they could have our bracelets. When we left, Lucy was down three bracelets, and Kenta was down one. We drove to the capital San Jose and visited the market. It was difficult not to feel claustrophobic with five different shop owners in the same 10 feet of space, but no one had their money stolen and everyone was happy with their purchases: Lucy got 6 engraved slingshots, Sebastian bought a rainbow bracelet, Alyssa found some dolphin studs, Hannah got the little green guy from Monsters Inc. on a backpack, Kenta bought a painting on feathers, Avery got earrings, Kathryn got slingshots as well, and Alex walked around looking at things. When we returned to our host families, I had an awesome birthday party with the family of my host family. We had some cake and ice cream, and I received two drawings from some cousins. I missed sharing my birthday with my pa, but I know he had fun celebrating his 89th birthday!