Location: Amazon

From Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge (http://www.yasuniecolodge.travel/en/) in the Amazon rainforest, Lifeworks Ecuador wishes you all a happy Father’s Day! Click for a Father’s Day message from Lifeworks Ecuador: https://youtu.be/bzYnhVGILVA. Due to the lack of cell phone reception and the high cost of internet access, we were not able to distribute phones to contact home today. We decided instead to make this video to wish everyone a happy Father’s Day! We will be leaving the Amazon early in the morning tomorrow and heading to the Andes mountains where we will stay at the Black Sheep Inn (BSI) for 4 nights (http://www.blacksheepinn.com/). We hope to distribute phones tomorrow night for students to contact home as we believe BSI has wifi available free of charge. We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!