Location: The Andes

This morning we woke up at seven after a good night’s rest. For breakfast, we had eggs cooked however we want (mine were over-easy) and an English muffin with cheese. We split up into two groups for the day’s activities. One group painted and my group went horse-back riding. The views were amazing, and we reached such a high altitude that we were riding in the clouds. I could feel the moisture in my hair and on my clothes. We arrived at a small cheese factory where there was a group of boys from Ireland, and it was strange since we hadn’t interacted with boys in a while. The cheese factory gave us each an ice cream popsicle, which was amazing! We continued up higher and higher on our horses and eventually stopped for lunch at the peak of the mountain, and we couldn’t even see the view off the cliff because of the clouds. Our guide had a really cute small dog that followed us on the entire hike, named Cario. He was the happiest looking dog we had ever seen. After lunch, we took a short hike to a waterfall, and the walk there felt like a dream. We got back on our horses and took a different route down. Once we got far enough down to exit the clouds, the view was incredible. It looked as though the clouds were cascading down the faces of the mountain. Once we arrived back at the Inn, we relaxed for a few hours and got our laundry back. We showered and then met in the yoga room (very zen, with great views of the Andes) to talk about overcoming obstacles. For dinner, we had quinoa soup, cucumber, and eggplant with rice and cheese. It was the first time I’ve ever tried eggplant and enjoyed it! Dessert was banana bread with hot fudge on top. We have a long hike tomorrow, so we have to drink a lot of water and prepare ourselves! Miss you Mommy and Abba!