Location: Dharamsala

Today, we went to breakfast early because it was His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday. We woke to a refreshingly cold shower again. We had Nutella, pancakes, and bananas. I love them! I never want to leave, but I miss you dada, mama, sissy, and my grandparents. After breakfast, we went to the monastery for a celebration in honor of the Dalai Lama. Children from TCV we had previously worked with ran into us at the celebration. They were so cute, and they practiced their dance in front of us. Sarrin and Gabe disappeared briefly but magically returned. Their return was the brightest moment of my day. Nine groups performed traditional Tibetan dances. The festive and ethnic vibe was exciting. We had a cute lunch at Hotel Tibet! After lunch, we split up into groups for a cross-town scavenger hunt game. My team was Hannah and BenJAMMIN! Unfortunately, many places were closed for the holy day. After doing the best we could, my group raced back to the meeting place to see who the victor was. It wasn’t us. We cleaned our rooms afterward. The group ate dinner and conversed at the forum. The discussion centered on capital punishment.