Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Happy Father’s Day from the BVI! After a long day of traveling, we hit the water sailing. We started our day with a dock talk, in the West End of Tortola by the director of the program (Mike). We discussed what we would experience throughout this trip, such as the impact we will make on the community and ourselves. Once we finished our dock talk, we lifted the sails on Ewak and headed out towards Norman Island. During our sail, we were taught many of the basics of how to sail and conduct the boat. We sailed for about 90 minutes, and once we arrived in Norman Island, we were taught how to anchor the boat and jumped right into the crystal clear water for our swim test. Our swim test was three laps around the catamaran and treading water for about 5 minutes. Once everyone passed the test, we headed over on our dinghies to the caves of Norman Island. In the caves, we got to break in our snorkeling gear and explore the hidden treasures of the island. To conclude our day, we finished with a student-made meal and merged boats for a lesson from Elliot.