Location: Brisbane Airport

As I write this the crew of the AQ Billabong 2015 is boarding their flight in Brisbane, bound for LAX and eventually home.  This will literally (LITERALLY) be the longest day of their lives, as we woke up at 3 to catch our first flight and, thanks to the international date line, they will all be arriving home later “tonight.”  The past three weeks have been SO amazing, and it has been great to watch everyone on the trip get to experience so many things for the first time, push their limits, and become a family.  It is crazy to think about everything we have done in this time – learned to surf on Bondi beach, visited the famous Sydney Opera House, sailed the beautiful Whitsunday Islands with the amazing crew of the Eureka II, held koalas and crocodiles in Townsville, saw the most amazing stars on the beach in Cape Tribulation, dove the Great Barrier Reef, and rafted down class 4 rapids on the Tully River.  Not to mention how much we learned about ourselves and each other as we lived and worked together 24/7 in a foreign country. Thanks for being such a great group, we hope that you all continue to travel, learn, explore, and have amazing adventures!

Love, “Mom” and “Dad” aka Carolyn and Andrew.