Location: Los Lagos & Torre Fuerte

Today was Max and Jules’s last day being with us. We took a picture with sad faces so Jules and Max can see it in the log later. This was also our last time seeing our host family too, so you can also see the picture of our final dinner last night. So to start it off, everyone had to wake up at 5:30 to say goodbye, pack our clothes, eat, shower, etc. Then afterward we dropped all of our bags on the bus. The plan was for us to drive to a hotel that would take a 3hr drive to Los Lagos to go to horseback riding and go to the hot spring. We got to Los Lagos around 9:30 and we had to go to the place to register. We drove to the farm that was full of horses that smelled like a zoo. So now, I’m waiting for people to get on the horse. As I’m riding the horse I took a quick a look back, and I see Morgan’s horse nipping and back kicking Will’s horse which was funny… but at the same time another man’s horse nipped my horse and at the same time cracked my middle finger which was very funny. After my first horse riding experience, we changed and went to the hot spring for 2 hrs. We slid down a somewhat long water slide. At first, when we got to the hot spring, it was hot and then got warm, but then when we got to the pool, we got so cold. There was this coolest water slide was around the pool. Around 3:30, we left and said our goodbyes to Max and Jules. Afterward, we went to eat our dinner and then went to sleep.