Location: New Delhi

Today marks our first day, of many to come. Alex, Chloe, Ben, Gina, Molly, Hannah, Fiona, Monse, Minh, Cezar, Gabriel, and Sarrin (I got them all!) awoke lethargically -some without any hope of regaining their vigor ever again, two without their bags to the oblivion that is the Atlantic Ocean, three have reported (what is generously referred to as) stomach issues, the native foods being too exotic for the unseasoned.

As the great author, Matt K. Rodriguez once stated, Negativity is bad or something.  Learning from this bit of knowledge, I must state that today we enjoyed a groundbreaking social scene as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity for sightseeing.

The crew started the day by telling each other about ourselves over breakfast. Connections were quickly made, but no cliques, ya know?

We visited the house of Ghandi in which he passed. Since his passing, it has been transformed into a museum teaching us about the Indian leader’s messages and life journeys. Many of us, not having studied Ghandi in-depth learned a lot from experience. We visited a town center, a place to buy souvenirs and enjoy spiced tea and coffee. Many of us were caught off guard by the traffic scene and the heat.

All in all, it was an incredible first day, and I, as well as my peers, am looking forward to the next three weeks.