Location: Townsville to Kuranda

Today was mostly a travel day to Cairns and then to Kuranda Rainforest Park. Starting at 6:45 in the morning, we boarded the Greyhound Bus and had a five and a half hour long ride to Cairns. Most of us took that opportunity to catch up on some sleep. We felt much better once we had arrived. Our first impressions were that we would be living in shacks and pooping outside, but we were pleasantly surprised to find great cabins which led to screams of joy. In the evening, we enjoyed a 4th of July BBQ complete with burgers, hot dogs, potato chips and then S’mores for dessert.

The highlight of the day was the hour-long storytelling session that followed the BBQ. This was when it started getting dark, and the scary stories began. Multiple stories were told that scared the bejeebers out of everyone. This leads to everyone screaming over and over and over again. We probably scared other people on the campground with our screams. Stories ranged from scary camping tales to horrifying babysitting stories. Tres told the scariest story of the night about a killer that someone saw through a window only the window was a mirror. Most of us were afraid to walk back to our cabins in the dark after hearing all of the scary stories, so we decided to end the night with some happy stories. The happy stories didn’t have as much of an effect on us as we wished it would have since most of us still ended up running back to our cabins screaming for no reason. I bet many of the people won’t be sleeping tonight or will be waking up from nightmares.

We’re more than halfway done with our trip already; everyone is so much closer to each than we were at the start of the trip. We are already thinking about what our first meal at home will be, but having to say goodbye to each other will be hard. We are only two days away from our much-awaited scuba diving trip on the Great Barrier Reef. Everyone is super excited to see some beautiful fish, and we are all hoping that the sunny weather will continue.