Location: Kuranda Rainforest

A couple of years ago, I was a completely different person. Back then, I would never think that I’ll ever be planting trees in an Australian rainforest with amazing people from around the world. Yet, that’s where I am today.

We spent the whole day in the forest planting trees with Kuranda Envirocare and a group of volunteers from a different organization. Together we managed to plant 354 trees! Challenging our teamwork skills and physical abilities, we did an amazing job and planted a little forest along the river. I really enjoyed spending time with my travel mates and Kuranda Envirocare team. They are incredibly warm-hearted people. Mentioning that, I can’t forget about a lovely lady who let us use her restroom and gave us a tour around her house, which she has built with her husband with their own hands over 25 years ago. This was just a small moment in the sea of events and work, but her sweetness really made my day.

After all the work was done, it was hard to say goodbye. It’s been just two days here, but I really loved the job and the people. It’s lovely to have fun just for fun, but when you actually work for something and see the results, that’s just the most rewarding thing on earth. I really hope I can go back here someday and see the trees grow strong and tall, just like me. But skip the tall part.

No more jokes. I feel like GoBeyond really makes us – go beyond. Go beyond comfort, beyond selfishness, beyond what we can see with our eyes. It makes us discover that we are capable of doing more, of giving, not just taking. Helping is not that hard; you just need to have some willingness to work hard and some courage to leave your comfort zone far behind.

We live in this world altogether. Let’s try to make it at least a bit better than we saw it.

So the lesson for today is: it’s all about giving back.