Location: Jost Van Dyke

Today the Moko Jumbie crew joined ActionQuest for a 6-mile hike. It was 3 miles up a steep hill and then 3 miles back down. The hike was on probably the hardest hill I have ever tried to climb. The first 15 minutes…….oh man… that hill was so steep I thought my calves were going to fall off, but it was worth the climb! When we reached the top, we went into the little shop on the top of the mountain, and we got banana smoothies. They were really good and refreshing after that hike. When we reached the bottom, we walked to this little restaurant where Jimmy Buffet wrote his song Cheese Burger in Paradise. After lunch and free time we went back to the boats and motored to this little island where all of ActionQuest and Lifeworks met up on the beach and had a sand castle competition, I think our sandcastle construction won. Moko Jumbie buried Elle and made her a turtle and made Lydia into a mermaid. Some of the “castles” people made were cool; it was super fun. Then we went back to our boat after the beach for our sea showers. We shower in the sea most days and take freshwater showers every couple of days. Now we are sitting on the boat planning out Torin’s (the captain) birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORIN!!!!!! And later tonight we are going to Sydney’s for a dinner BBQ!!