Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

This morning we woke up to a breakfast of oatmeal. We then prepared to help Julie and her daughter Dorie start to fix up their house. We got together our water bottles, sunscreen, and we prepared a chicken salad for lunch. Soon we were in the dinghy and motoring to shore, where after a short walk we were at the top of the hill ready to help with the deconstruction of Julie’s house. Her house is only 60 feet above the water causing it to be heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma. In total, we filled up one of the ten dumpsters full of broken belongings that were to go off her property. Our group helped with all sorts of things such as clearing out trees and bushes around the house. We also cleaned up rubble and other useless things that were cluttering up the property. Once we finished cleaning up, we went back to our boat and took showers on the boat. We then got ready for the fleet-wide barbecue where we ate delicious burgers on the beach at Leverick Bay.