Location: Uvita

This morning we went back to our roots and enjoyed a varied selection of Costa Rican fruit loops, and Cocoa Puffs accompanied with some Yoplait. We then set off and left our bags at our new hotel, eager to find out what our next project would be. We then arrived at the family wellness center frequently used as an education center and a place to host AA meetings. We immediately grabbed our shovels and began mixing cement to set down the floor for what will be the bathroom for future permanent volunteers at the center. A sudden burst of rain meant we ended up running for shelter at a local restaurant for some delicious lunch. Next, we began to trace the outlines of our project for tomorrow by drawing out the tree of life and coming up with a slogan to paint out later; juntos somos el cambio. After giving the dog currently residing there (Cleopatra) a thorough snuggle, we headed out back to our hotel. There we had a very dramatic swim in the rain, and some classic Marco Polo followed by a pizza outing for dinner. Soon after we were surprised by a special treat of popcorn and we are currently winding down with an episode of Spanish project runway.