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Location: Lares Trek

 Author: GraceLocation: Lares Trek – OllantaytamboUpon arrival to the third campsite after a tough day of hiking, we all sat down in our tents to finish up some long procrastinated journaling. I decided to switch it up a little this time and assign each person on the trip a spirit animal. Its a little activity that my family and I do back home, and I thought it would be fun to try out here! The following are the animals decided.Sydney: A horse. She’s powerful, strong, stubborn, and determined.Lisa: A prairie dog. She’s quirky, smart, cute, squeamish, and active.Gabe: A puppy pit bull. He’s wild, original, opinionated, mischievous, and youthful.Maya: A doe. She’s sweet, innocent, curious, graceful, and has a experimental side.Alex: A chihuahua. He’s hilarious, sarcastic, self-aware, bold, and loyal.Nico: A king penguin. He’s confident, funny, athletic, and dorky.Maria: A mother bear. She’s kind, has a gentle spirit, responsible, and playful.Brooke: A cheetah. She’s sensitive, intellectual, dorky, wise, and open.Bethany: A dolphin. She’s optimistic, playful, protective, wise, and motherly.Dan: An owl. He’s wise, caring, smart, laid back, and granola.James: A golden retriever. He’s youthful, adventurous, open-minded, motivated.