Location: Dharamsala

Today I started the day by waking everyone up with a knock. I quickly jumped into the shower and then we were off to the start of the day, the stairs. We had our traditional pancakes with banana and Nutella. After breakfast, we were sent off with our learning partners to spend the next three hours with them. Fiona and I decided to go to the library together with our learning partners. Because walking there would take too long, we went on a rickshaw to the library instead. The rickshaw ride was incredibly bumpy and made me feel a tad carsick. Fiona and I had already visited the library, but it was our learning partners, so it was an exciting bonding experience. At the library, we read a really interesting article about cyber-bullying which started a thought-provoking discussion.

We went to the museum which was fun. Our learning partners were taking pictures in the exhibition hall and they left the sound on which was really funny. After spending three hours with our partners, we went to a very good Indian restaurant and stuffed ourselves. It started to pour as soon as we stepped outside and somehow ended up losing four of our group members. We headed to TCV in a very wet and another bumpy car ride and basically had to go through a river to get to my home that I was working at. This was the last day that we were working with them, so we tried to make it as special as possible. We played 20 questions with the kids for a while and the lovely house mother brought us some delicious milk tea.  We sadly had to say our goodbyes and headed back to the main town for a Bollywood dance lesson.  The dance lesson was really fun, learned some cool moves and dropped my partner Sarrin when I was supposed to catch him.  Gina, Monse, Molly and I had a lot of fun just dancing. We went back to a really good Italian restaurant for dinner and bought our learning partners present for tomorrow. We headed back down to the monastery for our forum about cyber-bullying, which turned out to be pretty interesting. We headed back to our rooms for a good night of sleep.