Location: The Amazon to the Andes

Today was our last day in the Amazon. As we woke up to the rain, everything around us seemed magical. After breakfast, we played a very exciting game of charades. Then we got to choose between going on a hike to a water tower or to learn how to basket weave. Both activities were very fun. Then we started to canoe our way to Hector’s island. We all had a blast. Then we took a nice boat ride back for lunch. Afterward, we packed up and started our journey to the Andes. On our way, we made a quick stop in a market where everyone managed to find something special. Then we made our way to the airport back to Quito. After the plane ride, we started our four-hour ride to the Andes. We arrived after dark, so we weren’t able to see the view yet. I can’t wait to wake up and see the gorgeous scenery.