Location: la Carpio

Today we traveled back to La Carpio after eating breakfast with our host families in the morning. We headed over to the preschool/library center and rotated finishing our tree mural by adding butterflies, playing with the kids in the preschool upstairs, and organizing books for the library. We then ate lunch inside, and Marisol brought us over to some homes we would paint in La Carpio. On the walk over to the homes, there was a little mishap with the paint where Kathryn spilled it all over herself, but everything was okay because it was a nice purple color. We then all worked together to paint the houses purple and pink before going back to the daycare center. We played with the children, making things out of playdough, playing with cards and also constructing some things to hang on the wall at the center. Afterward, we left La Carpio and went back to our homestays. The scheduled soccer game was rescheduled for tomorrow on account of the weather, so back at Lucy and Kathryn’s house, Kathryn braided their family’s hair, and we played some card games. Overall, we had a fun day of working hard.