Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Everybody woke up this morning after being able to sleep in and sleep through a night without rain, for only the second time on the trip. Shortly after waking up, the staff had a meeting, and we were left to make breakfast and clean up the boat after the staff got back to the boat we quickly filled up our water tanks and bought mostly Pringles and chocolate from the store. Then we motored over to a small cove and rafted with the other Lifeworks boat. For the most part, we had a relaxing day swimming around the boat and making lunch. In the afternoon everybody brought out their snorkel gear to go hunting for lionfish. BZ taught us all about how lionfish are an invasive species and why they are harmful to the environment. After we found one, we were able to dissect it. Later we finished a great day with a sunset sail and anchored for the night around the rest of ActionQuest.