Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, we were woken up by some Black Sabbath around 7, but luckily, everyone agreed that we got better sleep and felt refreshed compared to the first night. For breakfast, we had some cereal, and afterward, we learned some sailing terms and techniques. After the mini-lesson, we set sail for about 4-5 hours, during which Samira and I helped with the jibe and helm. It was really fun to steer the boat, but the rocking from the boat did make me really tired. During the voyage, people took some major naps all across the boat, which was really funny to see. When we arrived at our new location, we all jumped into the water to snorkel. Some people saw an eel. Others saw a pufferfish. Then, when dinner arrived, Will stepped up to make some absolutely fire hot dogs while Manola made the pasta and sauce. After eating, brownies were made, and we finished the night with a movie.