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Location: Machu Picchu


Author: Teddy Location: Machu Picchu Being greeted by a giant boy at 4am was a great way to start this day. As we started our trek from the hostal to Machu Picchu it was still dark. When we got out of the main town it was magical to be walking in the night and know where we were going to. The anticipation was tangible. The hike up was around 40 minutes. It was mostly Inca stairs but we all enjoyed the hike and felt good afterwards. Machu Picchu was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. There were no words to describe the feeling. Exploring in small groups was really cool. My group saw lots of alpacas grazing. Seeing the Temple of the Condor was stunning. As we explored Machu Picchu, it really came to me how far all of us had come mentally and physically, and as I was sitting on one of the many staircases of the Incas I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace.