Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

Everyone woke up this morning to already being underway. We sailed to Soper’s Hole and had a relaxing (yet hectic) morning onshore while the staff refilled our water tanks. Everyone, including the ActionQuest students, gathered at a small cafe near the dock. Even though the wait to order and get food was extremely long, it was well worth the wait. We went underway again after breakfast, and then sail to our next location was really calm and probably my favorite part of the day since I got to drive the boat. The next activity of the day was mangrove monitoring, which was also a highlight of the day. Three other students and I were part of the GPS team, which basically consisted of holding a device over the PVC pipes to record the location of each mangrove tree. We had lots of fun with that because the boys beatboxed and rapped the coordinates while we wrote them down. It is definitely something we are looking forward to doing again tomorrow. We also went snorkeling for lionfish for an hour after mangrove monitoring. There were so many fishes, and it was really cool to just look at their habitats and the different species living in the water. Among the students on Ewak, a common favorite part of the day is taking saltwater showers.

I look forward to it every day, along with being able to dry off in the sun. Today was a really memorable day, and I think everyone will be sad to leave Ewak at the end of the trip.