Location: The Galapagos

After waking up, eating a tasty breakfast, and trying to contain our excitement we boarded a unique bus without DOORS to ride into the highlands of the Galapagos. Our primary goal of the day was to preserve the beautiful highlands by removing invasive species that are taking over the Maconia tree, a tree native to the island. We started by getting our hands dirty–literally! The group hiked around the highlands like Tarzan, sometimes slipping down hills, but all in good fun. Despite the experience being work/service, everyone could agree that they had an amazing time. Laughter echoed throughout the highlands for the whole three hours and cheers could be heard all around. After conquering the jungle and eating sandwiches, we took our unique bus back to the home-base hotel to have a little competition. If you haven’t heard, the Lifeworks Olympics has ensued. Each team of four competes for gold (an unknown prize at the end of the trip) by winning points and participating in competitions. Today’s competition was synchronized swim dancing in the hotel pool. More entertaining than raw talent, the experience was hilarious. Kids were winging it, no rehearsals (Jacob and Kat’s team got 2nd place [Go The Darkest Knights!] After watching everyone dance and having a few laughs we were given our snorkel gear for our upcoming day trips. Dinner came next, with a multitude of gourmet options, many ended up siding with the classic filet mignon or shrimp (we are eating better than all of you, ha!)